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Acquired August 2018 | Arts & Crafts


When we purchased Crafts 4 ALL, the hero ASIN was already #1 in its category. 

Thrasio applied creative updates, invested heavily in PPC, expanded the product line, and worked aggressively to maintain the #1 rank by committing to the goal of never running out of inventory.

The COVID-19 sales spike in the category put our products in high demand. We were able to maintain inventory and increase sales velocity as other sellers stocked out.

We then dug deeper into the manufacturing process involved in making the product and made key supply chain improvements to ensure healthy inventory for the future.


Inventory Investment

How we keep the momentum going

We leveraged the data and learnings from early COVID-19 supply chain scarcity into forecasting for the 2020 holiday season. No longer constrained by on-hand inventory, we were able to sell freely in Q4—pushing promotions and PPC even harder for a sustained increase in sales velocity continuing into 2021.

Key Strategies:

  • Sourced an additional supplier
  • Increased inventory capacity by 2X
  • Decreased lead time by 50%
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We package our top ASINs to fit into a niche subcategory making it easier to consistently maintain top rank. 


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Expanded Product Options

We launched an additional variation to the hero ASIN.

Offering three different sized kits at three different price points within an established listing drove sales with minimal impact on day-to-day operations.



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Creative Updates

Updated branding adds color to the packaging (and therefore listing photos).

Not only do the products stand out in the search results, they make a more gift-able item. Our paint sets were one of the top performing brands in Q4 2020.




Checked@2x  Crafts 4 ALL remains a top competitor in the crafting space with Acrylic Paint Sets at #1.


Checked@2x  Increased revenue ~237% since acquisition.

Checked@2x  2X manufacturing capacity on all paint sets.

Checked@2x  Increased EBIDTA ~420% since acquisition.


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